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Fun facts about Markus Zusak

    Markus Zusak has trouble writing an autobiography because he doesnt find himself inspiring
    He is a dog person, but owns two cats
    When he was younger he liked to be called Frank, his middle name, because he didn't like his first name
    In 2005, he wanted to read 52 books but called it 53 killers
    His favorite movies are Amelie, Run Lola Run, and The Big Lebowski
    If he could meet anyone who ever lived it would be Michelangelo
    His favorite number is 13
    At age 16, The Old Man and the Sea and What's Eating Gilbert Grape influenced him to be an author
    He enjoys surfing and playing soccer on his free time
    He is married and has a daughter
    It took 7 years to get his first book published
    He rewrote the first 90 pages of The Book Thief 150-200 times
    His advice to future writers: let failure be your friend!